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General Capabilities

Surface Tension Determinations for Liquids and Melts - under both equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions, surface ages as low as 5 milliseconds, both with and without polar and dispersive components, and Lewis acid and Lewis base splits - pendant drop, Wilhelmy plate, DuNouy ring, melt capabilities up to 350oC

Interfacial Tension Determinations - liquid/liquid and liquid/solid, both equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions, liquid/liquid tensions as low as 0.01mN/m, interface ages as short as 0.5 seconds, adsorption/diffusion coefficients and activation energies for adsorption for interfacially active molecules, pendant drop, drop volume, and ASTM D971 DuNouy ring methods

Contact Angle and Surface Energy Determinations - for any solid material, porous materials and non-porous materials, powders, membranes, fibers, papers, Washburn, sessile drop, dynamic contact angle techniques, even vapor sorption techniques available, all varieties of surface energy theories applied, polar/disperse, acid/base, three-phase contact angles, captive bubble, captive drop, high speed measuring of apparent contact angles during droplet penetration into porous surfaces, FREE immersional free energy and/or adhesion energy calculations

Critical Micelle Concentrations - by either surface tension or interfacial tension techniques, as appropiate for your materials, surfactant synergism, hydrotropes, polymer/surfactant, protein/surfactant, and colloid/surfactant interaction studies, also available, 40 concentration duplicate determinations to really pin-point the CMC, buffers and controlled pH environments, no problem

Moisture Sorption Studies - full RH and temperature control up to 80oC, sample pre-drying, real time data processing for accurate sorption kinetics due to any temperature or RH step, gravimetric, micro and mesoporous materials, pharmaceutical powders, characterization of moisture transfer properties for packaging materials, complete isotherms, deliquescence studies - sorption studies with other gases including mass spectrometer analysis of desorbed materials handled at our partner laboratory in the U.K.

Surface and Interfacial Rheology Studies - determination of the elastic and viscous moduli of a surface or interface, and quantification of the Marangoni effect for surfaces and interfaces subjected to controlled perturbuations, one of the most quantitative methods available for understanding molecular movements at surfaces and interfaces - as they relate to foaming and emulsion stabilization

Density Determinations - liquids or solids, 4 place accuracy

Particle Size Distribution Experiments - and sedimentation rate experiments, for particles in colloidal dispersions which settle, and can be evaluated by the Stokes-Einstein expression

Wet Density of Porous Solids - as is important for accurate particle size distribution determinations by sedimentation experimentation using the Stokes-Einstein expression

Viscosity Determinations for Liquids - low shear, 3 place accuracy

Dissolution Rate Experiments - for solids which dissolve in liquids, accurate gravimetric approaches to dissolved mass = f (time) data

Penetration Experiments - force = f (depth) data for penetration into soft solids and sediments