ugustine Scientific is an Ohio-based analytical and consulting laboratory, which provides analytical services and scientific expertise in the areas of surface, interfacial, and adhesion science, as well as bulk-phase molecular aggregation, for its clients around the world.

Our staff is dedicated to getting you accurate, pertinent, and timely data no matter how large or small your project. So, whether you only need a single surface tension, contact angle, or critical micelle concentration value, or you have an indepth project, let us be your source.

Our laboratory manager, Dr. Christopher Rulison, is both a chemical engineer (B.S.- Virginia Tech, 1990) and a respected polymer and surface scientist (Ph.D. – Southern Mississippi, 1994, for the synthesis, and mechanistic understanding, of polymeric emulsifiers with triggered-release/coalescence properties). And, he knows the "ins" and "outs" of industrial surface science.

Since 1995, Chris has provided analytical and consulting services to over 275 different clients, has completed over 560 industrial projects, and has contributed to the design and market development of numerous pieces of surface science instrumentation.

He also has 17 papers and 2 book chapters to his credit, has presented 52 papers at national and international scientific symposia, and has been the principal instructor for 12 surface science short courses.

Call us today, and allow this experience to start working for you !!!!